The Arts Apothecary is open

How’s your creative life now that we’re staring down the second half of 2017? Have you added time for your well-being, health and happiness to your To Do list?

What I’m shouting about is your creative life. Time to have fun, add purpose, connect with others, unleash your imagination – and feel better?

I’m not going to go on about here, but I’m deadly serious about this. You can find out why in The Arts Apothecary. I’ve only touched on some of the benefits of unlocking the creativity we all have in us here.. and the reasons I believe it’s vital.

That’s why Conversations in Pubs has morphed into Art-full Living – including Art-full Conversations and Art-full Experiences… and I’m sending out an Art-full Challenge in the next few days as soon as the new website is active.

You will be able to access The Arts Apothecary via our new website but right now it is available for sale on Amazon, iBooks & Kobo.

And heads up about a preview in The Daily Review – the specialised arts website of former Age Arts Editor, Ray Gill.

The first two chapters of The Arts Apothecary will be published in The Daily Review on Sunday. Check out the details in today’s edition

Contact me to place orders for the book – RRP: $24.99 + $10 Postage
Mobile: 0418 389 189

Have a happy day!

One thought on “The Arts Apothecary is open

  1. Lisa Bolte Reply

    Dearest Jill
    Thank you for your book the Arts Apothecary. It is a wonderful confirmation that the Arts are so important to our lives. I especially enjoyed so many diverse quotes and all the tips of how to become more arts involved in our lives.
    Even the smallest changes in increased participation, whether it be through dance, music, literature, theatre, movies or art, these can all make the world of difference to inclusion in society and improved happiness.
    I agree wholeheartedly with all your discussions.
    Congratulations and love
    Lisa Bolte

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