Art-full Conversations and Talks

Jill is an experienced speaker and advocate for wellness through creativity.

Her presentations focus on empowering people to offset loneliness, aging, disabilities, displacement, recovery from illness, trauma and substance abuse and other issues by living holistically, connecting to community and drawing on their creativity, whether or not they have lead an actively creative life.

Each of her talks will be carefully and compassionately customized for the needs of each particular group.  The focus is all about helping people manage life’s pain – whether they are facing lifestyle changes of aging, retirement and finding purpose at any stage of their lives.  Her two goals: learning to understand how to manage their own personal wellbeing through mindfulness and creativity AND to give participants tools to really help them develop their creative life and live holistically, finding the inner reserve to thrive, to come out on top and experience a meaningful, joyful existence.

These programs help people live life fully – no matter what has happened to them and the problems they face.

Jill’s programs are meant for private or corporate groups and general public audiences seeking a higher level of purpose and wellbeing

Jill has prepared a questionnaire designed to help her prepare a program that is specifically tailored to the needs of your group. Please contact her office to access it.

Thank you!

Private Coaching with Jill

Coaching, Comfort & Compassion
60 Minutes – focused on you, your challenge and potential solutions
Private Coaching — $125

Would you benefit from a private conversation with Jill focused 100% on you?
If you would like to get comfort, compassion and coaching designed to help you move through your life growing in personal strength and wisdom through creativity to apply to your business and your holistic life, contact her to get a live coaching session with Jill, 60 minutes in person in Victoria, Australia or by phone or Skype – your choice of time, day and connection method.

“I loved my mentoring sessions with Jill.”

“She worked with me to flesh out the basis of what makes me and what I do unique and helped me to celebrate that. I now speak confidently about my business.”

“I would recommend it to anyone new to business, or old to business too. Her fresh perspective is invaluable.”
Emma Jimson, Ceramacist, Pom-me-granite