You may have noticed that I’m committed to making arts & culture part of everyday lives and generating wellbeing through experiencing it.

As a writer, producer and marketer I wrote about the arts, food & wine for ten years before becoming Media Director of The Australian Ballet, later serving on Dance Boards, writing cultural itineraries and establishing a Visual Arts Program.

In my continuous quest to demystify the arts and enrich everyday lives, I created and hosted Conversations with the Motivators and Creators of the Cultural Community I have met along the way, to share their stories with the wider community, at the Arts Centre, Melbourne in 2002. Since 2014, I’ve been running Conversations across the country.

The Healing Power of the Arts – Get Involved!

Watch this space for details of the first Art-full Living workshop weekend for a full weekend immersion in the creative experience.

Music, mindfulness, making art…….

Engaging in arts and culture keeps us happy and healthy in mind and body, offsetting loneliness, giving a sense of belonging, purpose, hope, opportunity , beauty and sensuality into our lives.