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Have you thought about adding time to focus on your wellbeing, health and happiness to your To Do list?

Art-full Living follows the new thinking about arts and medicine. Mounting evidence proves that the arts help meet major challenges facing health and social care; long term conditions, loneliness and mental health. I found case after case while researching The Arts Apothecary.

The prescription is vital – I urge you to take charge of your own wellbeing through arts & culture, buy the book to learn how and why, connect with your community and thrive!

We are inviting everyone to unlock their potential through signing up for the weekly campaign of Creative Challenges… creativity is the breath of life – giving purpose, a sense of wellbeing and contributing to our health. We are all instinctively creative and need to rekindle that freedom inside…

Sign up for our weekly 'Creative Challenges' campaign

Add time for your wellbeing, health and happiness to your To Do list.

Make art your medicine and narrow the gap in your life between happy and healthy. Unleash your creativity, take charge of your health and wellbeing, listen to the music and let your mindful happiness flow.

Sign up for our campaign. We will send you simple fun suggestions each week to Do (take 20 minutes, an hour, a day or a month) Think (consider the experience) and Share (with us or whoever you choose. There’s no need to share the result, just tell us how you felt).

Share your stories of The Creativity Cure. Email us with your results and post your images on Artfulllifer on Instagram.

Live art-fully.

Join us for an introductory Day of creative experiences at Pandora Ponds in Trentham, Central Victoria

Find your personal story to write, paint and unfold as you listen to the beautiful music of the harp.

Live the life you were meant to by accessing your creativity!

Find your Story

Art-full Living Creative Expression Introductory Day

20 October 2018

This empowering day is designed to enhance your wellbeing – to offset loneliness and find your purpose. Be guided through the experience by a professional writer and visual artist – accompanied by a gifted harpist and bass guitarist.

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Reflect in the beauty of Pandora Ponds as you can see below.. breathe in the peace…

Find Your Story Artist/Teacher Louise Otten
Harpist Michael Johnson & Bass Guitarist Evripides Evripidou

Writer Speaker Jill Rivers


Jill talks about “a new model of healing focused on the whole person, and on preventative care. And she shows us how it is already happening in the health systems around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, where the arts and artists are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare team. “Art and music,” she writes, “crack the sterile space of loneliness and fear and expose the patient to the joys of the human spirit. They act as the apothecary of the soul.”

Jill’s message: “Make art your medicine” is her prescription to the world. And she’s kind to us – she gives lots of examples of how we can do that. So there’s no excuse: read the book, follow her suggestions, encourage what Jill calls these “moments of connection” and we’ll all be as she says, “dancing on the inside…and feeling fully alive”. It is, she says, “your call to articipate.”

Felicity Price, Author and Columnist

The Arts Apothecary is a compelling account of all you would suspect of a life submerged in art. Or world needs more Arts Advocates, more people like Jill who spread our good word. The hard core facts and statistics presented in the book are beautifully entwined with moving and personally enriching language, making it a deeply satisfying and wonderfully gratifying read. Well done Jill, all things worthy are worth waiting for.

Vicki Attard, Dance Teacher, Former Principal Artist of The Australian Ballet

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My Commitment


Your health and wellbeing is my focus. You will live longer better, creatively, relieved from loneliness, trauma and pain with the tools and relationships drawn from the knowledge and experience of over forty years career in arts and culture that empower you to take charge of your own wellness.

Art-full Living is on a mission to encourage everyone to share a bit of their individual magic and be more creative to enhance their wellness.

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