Art-full Living is your path to wellness, a holistic blueprint for health, happiness and wellbeing through unleashing your creativity. We are all artists according to Pablo Picasso – it’s just a matter of drawing it out of your inner core.

My name is Jill Rivers and I’m an Arts for Wellness advocate on a mission to make arts & culture accessible to everyone everywhere and empower you to thrive.

It is never too late. I was a latecomer to experiencing the value of engaging in the arts myself, although as a New Zealander was no stranger to the deep emotional value of connecting to culture and community. I have an affinity to landscape and particularly mountains – the majesty and mystery of the natural world, the timelessness renewal and infinity. After a lifetime in arts writing and management, I have abandoned city life to move to the spaces of the Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria, Australia and established Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios and Art-full Conversations & Experiences – soirees and workshops sharing the secrets of Movers, Shakers & Creators and the new thinking around arts as medicine with the wider world.

I am committed to empowering people to take control of their own health and wellbeing through creativity. I’ve set up a campaign of Art-full Challenges to encourage people to Be Creative and spread the message of this book.

Join the campaign and maximise the benefits of Art-full Living.

I’d love to chat with you…. Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s share our stories of living longer and better, creatively.

Contact me to share your story and to place orders for the book (or use the Buy Now button below) – RRP: $24.99 + $10 Postage

Mobile: 0418 389 189

Have a happy day!

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Engaging in arts and culture keeps us happy and healthy in mind and body, offsetting loneliness, giving a sense of belonging, purpose, hope, opportunity , beauty and sensuality into our lives.