Find Your Story Experience Introductory Day 20 October 2018

Join us for an Art-full intRoductory Day of creative experiences at pandora ponds in Trentham, Central Victoria

Find your personal story to write, paint and unfold as you listen to the beautiful music of the harp.

Live the life you were meant to by accessing your creativity!

Find your Story

Art-full Living Creative Expression Introductory Day

20 October 2018

This empowering day is designed to enhance your wellbeing – to offset loneliness and find your purpose. Be guided through the experience by a professional writer and visual artist – accompanied by a gifted duo of harpist and a bass guitarist.

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Find Your Story Artist/Teacher Louise Otten
Harpist Michael Johnson & Bass Guitarist Evripides Evripidou


Writer Speaker Jill Rivers

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